Scanning Solutions

Scanning and OCR solution

The trend in reducing the hassle of managing documents in paperwork is scanning into electronic documents. By establishing a complete workflow, it simplifies the tasks of processing, storage, archival, and retrieval. With experience in handling trade and payment document workflow for major organisations, our expertise is poised to meet your challenges.

With our high-performance solution, you can radically improve the ways in which paper and digital documents are processed, archived and shared. It also supports one-click conversion to Microsoft Office documents with high-accuracy character recognition. In addition, it has universal compatibility with any scanner. Some sample applications of the solution are as follow:

The solution also includes document management software that allows you to create a 100% industry-standard PDF file from any application. With Document Automation Solution, you can:

  • Self-service for user to scan documents for processing
  • Recognize and convert files from incoming emails directly to your network
  • 24/7 access to scanned documents from anywhere in your organization
  • Archive documents directly into Microsoft SharePoint or your existing information system
  • Reduce storage space while enable retrieval of archive according to various criteria