Self-service Pay-per-use Solutions

Whether it is self-service printing by pay-per-use or vending machines, our technology enables your system to accept payment with the latest EZ-Link and NETS cards.

Increase sales at your vending machines, coin-operated devices while reduce maintenance effort is now possible. Enable Ezlink payment to automated your business process.

  • Self-service Printing

    Pay in advance the amount according to the quantity printed. User performs self-service on release station.

  • Vending Machines

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  • Washing Machines

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Industry: Printing

A printing company runs serveral printing stations in a polytechnics. Printers are installed in the library and some labs for student access. Printing jobs are sent from their own laptop and printed effortlessly.

The Pay-per-use Print Release Station is deployed to manage print requests from the designated locations.


With their own laptops, the students are able to connect to the printer and print directly from their computers.

As such, the customer is able to reduce manpower required to operate the printing stations.