All-in-one Document Automation Solution

We help organisations to personalise documents to their customers and distribute information according to the customers’ preferences through various channels, such as mail, fax, email or SMS.

The solution seamlessly links up with any of the customer’s existing information system. It is able to dynamically tailor the information content of the document to the targeted customer. A wide range of systems such as billing, invoice and delivery systems are compatible with our product.

Example applications of the solution:

  • Manage document distribution according to customers’ preferences, such as to print hardcopy, send via fax or email directly from the existing system
  • Replace obsolete dot-matrix printer with laser printer to produce versatile and professional forms
  • Print barcode on documents for easy tracking and input
  • Print OMR mark on document for automatic insertion into envelope
  • Archive documents for future references
  • Send information or promotional message to your customer via SMS

As a result, your organisation will benefit from increased productivity, lower operation costs and increase in profitability.

  • SMS

    Automated greeting to your customers with personal solutation? The Solution simplifies two-way SMS between individuals. Great way for your customers to interact with your business instantly.

  • Fax

    Faxing service.

  • Email

    Email marketing

With Document Automation Solution, the data can be reformatted, customized (e.g. adding in company logo, barcode, OMR mark, dynamic text, etc.) and overlaid onto another document.

The documents can then be sent to the laser printer -- no more dot matrix printer and pre-printed forms! Additionally, the documents can be archived for easy search.

Distribute the document according to your customers’ preferences. Print out the document and mail it to them, by fax or mail. All these processes are automatically handled by Document Automation Solution.