What are your printing needs?

Or actually, you do NOT want (or need) to print?

Is managing paper documents slowing your business process? We provide wide range of innovative solutions to meet business needs.

20 Jun 2011 - We are now the authorised solutions centre for PaperCut in South East Asia, mainly Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Document Composition

    Dynamically compose document in large quantities

  • Document Design

    Replace the old line priter and improve efficiency

  • Variable Data Printing (VDP)

    Enterprise scale VDP to produce personalised documents to each customer

  • Set usage limit

    Monitor or control organisational consumption


PaperCut empowers you to control printing by using page costs for color, grayscale, page size and more in combination with: monitoring, rules, quotas, charging, detailed logging and reports.


  • Track and control printing charges by users, groups or clients
  • Easy to install and configure to your specific environment
  • Return on investment is fast when you control usage and/or charge
  • Web consoles make operation simple for staff and users

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PaperCut support Windows, Linux, Mac and Novell platforms. More info


Struggling with hassle in managing paper documents is something in the past. Convert your business documents, statements or mails into digital form. It facilitates organizational workflow, such as review and approval.

Work Smart

Our scanning solution is designed to handle document conversion and OCR needs, whether for small office or enterprises processing high volume of paper documents. Work smart. No more hassle to handle paper documents.


Benefit from ease of archival and retrival that can save tremendous amount of time!

Standalone pay-per-use system.

It can be integrated with existing printers, etc. Contact us for more information.